Zach Schuermann

Parallelized Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulation

Developed a parallelized two-dimensional smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulation in Haskell. The solver loosely implements Muller et al.'s "Particle-based fluid simulation for interactive applications." Realized 5.13x speedup on 6-core CPU. Repository Report

Teaching Assistant for Programming Languages and Translators

Teaching Assistant for senior/graduate-level (4000 level), 110-person class focused on teaching compilers, programming languages, and program analysis through hacking on the LLVM infrastructure. Students implement new pieces of Clang/LLVM compiler. Course Website

Intrastellar: Retro Game from Scratch

Creating a retro space-shooter video game on an NXP LPC1769. Implemented with Playstation 2 controller and 7" LCD Display using SPI. The LCD Display relied on an Adafruit Display Driver (RA8875) and a heavily modified version of the accompanying Adafruit C++ library. Repository, report, and poster are below. Repository Report Poster

Teaching Assistant for Embedded Real-Time Systems

Teaching assistant for third-year real-time embedded systems course focused on semester-long hovercraft system project. Responsible for code reviews, grading, office hours, teaching, and debugging. Course Website

OU Student Reviews Web App

Shared project with Sam Jett to create a scaleable web application and public api for visualizing and accessing the University of Oklahoma's public student reviews data more easily.
Live Application

Time-Series Prediction for CS5043

Developed time-series prediction algorithm for cryptoasset value momentum forecasting. Final project for CS5043, Advanced Machine Learning, a graduate CS class at the University of Oklahoma. Won third place in the poster presentation competition at the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Symposium at OU. Poster

Marker Tracking for Facial Expression Detection

Developing image processing software system to ingest videos of faces with markers changing expressions and detect marker positions throughout the video. Implementing kalman filtering for signal output. Currently implemented using OpenCV and Python.

Development of a Low-Cost Electrocardiograph

Developed a low-cost electrocardiograph machine and tested to provide accurate rendering of an electrocardiogram. And yes, I was the guinea pig. Whitepaper

Polarized Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging

Mechanical engineering capstone project. Developed a polarized-light spatial frequency domain imaging system for collagen fiber orientation quantification. Worked under the guidance of Dr. Chung-Hao Lee and the Biomechanics and Biomaterials Design Laboratory at OU. Poster


Created a sudoku solver based on Z3 SMT with a command-line interface - packaged on PyPI.
Application Download


Personal project to develop a web app to check how much League of Legends your roommates are playing. Works like a charm.
Live Application

Team Welkin: OU I-CCEW Agile Product Development

During a semester-long internship with I-CCEW as a part of the Agile Product Design team, I worked to develop an atmospheric water generator. The device relied on thermoelectric coolers and was intended for competition in the Water Abundance X-Prize.


Coupon Cart

Co-founded a startup to disrupt brick-and-mortar retail in grocery stores by providing targeted advertisements to users walking around the store. Relied on app development, backend systems, and iBeacon hardware implementation for proximity tracking. Proprietary

Analog Battle-Bot

Designed and implemented an 'analog' robot with no microprocessors to battle other robots in a battle-bot fashion on a small ring platform. The robot was capable of detecting a 38 kHz signal generated from a beacon on the other robot and attempting to attack that location. It included edge detection on all corners of the system such that it would not fall off of the field of play. The project was implemented as the final project for Electronics lab, and successfully won first place in the final competition. Robot


Personal project to monitor server performance and security. GitHub
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