About Me

I currently work as a Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon on Alexa's Natural Language Understanding Engine. I am entering graduate school at Columbia University since graduating with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. In my free time I love backpacking, climbing, CrossFit, and fishing/hunting!

I share a blog with a good friend of mine, Sam Jett. We hope to share exciting bits we have learned through our own work!

I would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me.


Software Development Engineer Intern - Alexa AI

June 2019 - August 2019

Worked on Alexa’s Natural Language Understanding Engine team to integrate machine-learned models for robust arbitration functions within the engine. Wrote production code which was successfully deployed in online experiment to validate and test model performance.

Software Engineer

August 2017 - May 2019

Developed quantitative trading strategies and core data infrastructure at growing quant hedge fund. Supported development of proprietary software including resilient data acquisition programs. Tech utilized: Kubernetes, TensorFlow/Keras, Google Cloud

Teaching Assistant

January 2019 - May 2019

Teaching Assistant for junior-level (3000 level), 40-person class centered around a semester-long hovercraft project. Students built and programmed a semi-autonomous robot reliant on PID control for accomplishing simple tasks. Responsible for code reviews, grading, office hours, teaching, and debugging. Skills: ARM programming, C/C++, motor/sensor interfacing.

Electronics and Payloads Engineer

May 2017 - August 2017

Supported new and existing defense programs by means of developing new low probability of intercept protocols for commu- nications suites. Utilized software development on enterprise server infrastructure including PowerShell scripting and frontend development using the Electron framework for script execution. Tech used: MatLab, JavaScript, RF engineering, cryptography.

Product Designer

January 2017 - May 2017

Developed solid state atmospheric water generator that relies on thermoelectric coolers to condense and harvest water from the atmosphere through rapid prototyping on a small team. A functioning prototype was created to enter into an international X-Prize competition. Skills used: CAD modeling, circuit design, thermal engineering, market research.


November 2016 - December 2017

Solely developed iOS application for startup focused on bringing tech to brick-and-mortar retail. Utilized React Native with self-hosted Node.js backend and hardware integration with Bluetooth iBeacons. Selected as one of six startups to pilot Sooner Innovation Fund accelerator program. Working alpha test deployed in local grocer. Software: React Native, NodeJS, Firebase.


Dr. Joebob Havlicek

Developed image processing software system to ingest videos of faces with markers changing expressions and detect marker positions throughout the video. Implemented image processing via OpenCV. Skills: OpenCV, signal processing, Python.

Dr. Chung-Hao Lee

Development and integration of polarized-light spatial frequency domain microstructural imaging system for collagen fiber orientation quantification. Created PSFDI system for collagen fiber orientation quantification during mechanical engineering capstone class in Spring 2018. Continuing research for novel contribution on the application of the system to quantify collagen fiber orientation during dynamic biaxial loading.

Plagiarism Detection

Summer 2019 - Present

Developing a means to detect plagiarism among code submission for computer science classes. Novel approach using recurrent neural networks.

Dr. John Dyer

Developed and implemented a low-cost ECG amplifier during Spring 2018 Electronics course taught by Dr. John Dyer.

Dr. Andrea L'Afflitto

Aided development of quadrotor reliant on non-linear control systems for heavy payload manipulation applications.

Working towards development of radiation-induced acoustic emission for cancer imaging and therapy monitoring.

Dr. Zahed Siddique

Improving strength and work piece integration in low-cost additive manufacturing to produce final products.



November 2016 - November 2017

Lambda Chi Alpha, Gamma-Rho Zeta

Led the largest fraternity at the University of Oklahoma and the largest chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha in the nation. Awarded President's Trophy Runner-Up, the highest award for fraternities and sororities at the university, following my term as president.

Student Ambassador

Spring 2015 - Present

Crimson Club

Ambassador to visiting dignitaries; preserves and promotes the University's history and traditions.

Camp Counselor

Spring 2015; Spring 2016;

CAC High School Leadership Conference

Camp counselor for the High School Leadership Conference, an event hosted at the University of Oklahoma for High School Juniors to develop leadership experiences over a weekend.

Public Relations Chair

Fall 2015

CAC Homecoming Executive Committee

Leader of Public Relations committee, whose mission is to publicize every aspect of Homecoming.

Alumni Liaison

Fall 2016

CAC Homecoming Executive Committee

Supported alumni involvement and facilitated specific alumni events during homecoming week.

New Member Educator

Fall 2014 - Spring 2016

Lambda Chi Alpha, Gamma-Rho Zeta

Served two terms as High Kappa (New Member Educator) for Lambda Chi Alpha, Gamma-Rho Zeta. Continuously increased average GPA for the class and total service hours. Fraternity awarded Runner-Up for President's Trophy during second term. New member cirriculum awarded the "Premier Pledge Program" from the university.

LEAD Team Volunteer

Fall 2014 - Present


Organization in the Leadership and Volunteerism branch of Student Life, focused on facilitating external organization's leadership activities and volunteer opportunities.

Selected Coursework

Dr. Andrew Fagg - University of Oklahoma

Advanced machine learning graduate class using Scikit-learn and Tensorflow. Final project included time-series prediction for cryptocurrency momentum indicators.

Mat Leonard / Brok Bucholtz - Udacity

Neural network foundations course offered online at Udacity.

Dr. Chung Hao Lee - University of Oklahoma

Mechanical engineering capstone project to create collagen fiber orientation quantification imaging system. Developed polarized spatial frequency domain imaging system. Work included embedded systems, data analysis, and optical engineering.

Machine Learning

Summer 2017
Dr. Andrew Ng - Stanford/Coursera

Machine learning foundations course offered by Stanford professor hosted on an online site, Coursera, founded by Dr. Ng.

Honors & Awards

PE-ET Honor Society

Secret honor society admitting the top 10 seniors at the university.

National Merit Scholar

Scholarship awarded to top PSAT scores.

Sooner Innovation Fund Accelerator

Funding accelerator sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship.

President's Leadership Class

Top 100 student leaders from undergraduate admission.

State Regent's Academic Scholar

State scholarship awarded to top admits.

President's Honor Roll

Awarded for 4.0 GPA.

Dean's Honor Roll

Awarded for >3.5 GPA.

Tau Beta Pi Honor Society

Engineering honor society.

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Engineering honor society.

Malone Scholarship

Scholarship awarded for academic excellence from Lambda Chi Alpha.

Ellis and Bernice Sims Scholarship

College of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering scholarship.

Eugene Dawson Scholarship

College of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering scholarship.

Ernest W. Reynolds Scholarship

College of Electrical and Computer Engineering scholarship.

Henderson Scholar

Scholarship and organization led by Dr. George Henderson.

Honors College Member

Graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Skills & Tools


  • Python
  • Go
  • C/C++
  • JavaScript
  • Haskell
  • Bash
  • SQL


  • Tensorflow & Keras
  • PyTorch
  • Scikit-Learn
  • React & Redux
  • Node.js
  • Electron
  • Bazel


  • Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebase